Thanks for coming to the website and having a look around. I’m finally deciding to sort my web-life out and get a site sorted as I turn 50 in March 2024.

Just writing it hurts!

I am fully aware it’s just a number to many but to me it is of great significance. Firstly, because when I was being wheeled in for my life-saving surgery back in 2010 I never even considered 50 being an option. I was that convinced I wasn’t coming out the other side I wrote letters to the most important people in my life to tell them I loved them!

The irony now of course is that in the subsequent thirteen years since, most of those I wrote to aren’t in my life any more anyway.

The second reason its of great significance hitting the half century mark is that the last year of my forties has in fact, been a bit of c**t. Most of it of my own making, I’m not going to
deny it. But if there is ever a time to reach forward and grab the nettle-filled SAGA brochure, it is now.

When I first started dating my wife Liz back in 2012, her youngest (who was still a teenager then but turns 30 at the end of 2024 herself) and I got into a conversation about how my life had changed in more recent years, so much for the better. The whole move to change
me and make me a more rounded (as in skillset not as in belly) individual was
christened Project 2012…..it didn’t turn into anything.

However, its time to start the next project. Creatively I’ve given it the name of Project 50.
Throughout 2024, I’m going to be setting myself little and large challenges.

Some of the smaller challenges are:

  •  Get back on a bike and ride it
  •  Drive around a motor racing circuit
  • Go vegetarian for a month.
  • Learn the basics of a musical instrument
  • Pick three months of the year to be “dry”.
  • Move from “beer” to “wine/spirits”.

For anyone who knows me, that last challenge isn’t a small challenge. I do like my beer, my craft ales. But if going to wine and/or spirits (rum being my tipple of choice) helps me achieve one or two of my other goals then so be it.

The next list of challenges are definitely ones that are there for the taking but would need a concentrated effort over the whole year to achieve.

  • Visit all four capitals in the UK
  • DJ at least three large gigs
  • See 50 bands or artists I’ve never seen before
  • Watch the Top 50 Films of all time (according to ChatGPT)
  • Make at least 50 trips to the gym
  • Lose 50 lbs.

Now, I know some of these I’m setting myself up for a fall but I’m going into the year with good intentions to achieve all of them. 

When I look back at my Facebook memories and see me posting about “this time I really am gonna lose weight” and then it doesn’t happen or something stops it. Two years ago it was the death of a pal that put paid to my will power, last year it was a bad cold.

I do genuinely have the intention to lose weight in 2024. I have to. I’m worried for my future if I don’t. That’s not overdramatizing it. My knees are buggered, my general fitness is worse than shocking and I’ve ignored it for too long…. Having said that, watching 50 films isn’t going to help my fitness either, is it?